Great words from great people.

Every once in a while you come across the real deal. The ones that truly understand the creative process and aren’t afraid to venture into uncharted waters head first. BandBrand was a complete surprise to us. We set sail and navigated an electrifying ride of possibilities we didn’t even know existed. Time was taken to truly understand who we are as humans and then as a musical duo. From this, BandBrand helped us translate our thoughts & ideas into a visual representation that far exceeded our expectations. We would HIGHLY recommend getting connected with this company. People getting to know people and having a blast doing it. Thanks so much for all your incredible work!! Pure gold. Sarah & Bobby

June 2018, Focus Your Audio

Art Szabo is what I would call a vital, modern, indie music partner in Western Canada.
Together Art and myself have enjoyed a strong relationship over the past 2-3 years. It’s felt like we’ve been doing business much longer, because of how well we understand each other.
Art and I have identified several Key Markets for Artist development in Western Canada. One of which is Kelowna. Add in Art’s experience as a talent buyer, manager, and mentor to growing artists, and he’s been flourishing in the local Kelowna Music scene as he’s making sure that Artists come to Kelowna.
Art has 2018 knowledge on how to market online that can’t be beat. He can help you have a solid plan and presence for your events. Design a brand and build you your own Website to house it. Bringing home the analytics for everyone to see the success.
Lastly – Art carries the one thing that many in the business have lost. – Passion for the Artist. You know he’s doing the job right, because Art will be up at odd hours getting things done. He will lose sleep over your project. Art won’t stop til it comes out perfect.
Music, Indie, Branding, Artists, Professionalism = Art Szabo Lyle Chausse

Owner/Artist Manager (The Wild!, Whale and the Wolf, Toque), LCE Music

I worked with Art on numerous shows at The Starlite Room in Edmonton when I was based out of that market with EMI and Universal Music. Art was always great to work with. His knowledge of all different types of music is a real asset and the way in which he treated my artists and my guests was always professional. I knew that my artists would be in good hands with Art running the show. Ron Hardwood

Director, national Promotion, Big Machine Label Group Canada

“Art Szabo took our band’s website another level of professionalism. He created a clean, user friendly website that met all of our wants and needs concerning our intended brand and vibe. Not only did we get a solid final product, but the turnaround on changes and tweaks to design during the creation stage were addressed and completed in very quick fashion.​” Ryan Maier

Band Leader, Whale and the Wolf

I’ve worked with Art a number of times at the Starlite Room and Brixx, where he was a talent buyer. My band and I always enjoyed playing at these venues and felt they did their best to poster our city, put out announcements, and help attendance be at its highest for our shows. He was a great person to work with! Erica Viegas

Partnership Manager, Foundation World Economic Forum